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About School of Chinese Studies Dalian University of Foreign Languages

One of the first institutions offering Chinese major with BA degrees, School of Chinese Studies (SCS) is an important faculty teaching Chinese Language to international students in China. It is also a National HSK Testing Centre.

Over the years since its establishment, more than 4000 long-term students and over 4000 short-term students, totaling 10000, have studied here in this school. There are currently 850 long-term students and 450 short-term students studying at school. The number secures the school the largest in northeast China and ranks high in this country.

Postgraduate program (Comparative Study of Chinese and Foreign Languages and Cultures) is offered and MA degrees will be granted upon graduation. The undergraduate work is categorized into two orientations of Chinese Culture and International Business and Trade. The students are entitled to BA degrees upon graduation. Courses are offered on Chinese Language and Chinese Culture. Language proficiency can be quickly acquired after consolidating classes on Chinese language and culture.

School of Chinese Studies is one of the Chinese executive directory organizations of the International Society for Chinese Language Teaching, vice chair of China’s Society of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language and chair of the Northeast Branch of the society. The school has an excellent and experienced faculty that numbers approximately 70. Professors, PhDs and MAs are the mainstay of the school. Besides, there are part-time teachers who are mainly experts, professors, scholars and artists from well-known universities and artistic organizations. Many academic achievements have been made in Sinology by the Research Institute of Sinology.

In April 2009 DUFL was awarded by the central government the rights to establish the national level Chinese Language International Expansion Base. This is after the national level Chinese-Russian Communications Base was successfully established in our university. DUFL continues to be the Confucius Institute’s as well as the Chinese Government’s Scholarship reception unit. DUFL, along with Russia, Japan, South Korea and Colombia has established the Novosibirsk National Technical University’s Confucius Institute, the Okayama Shoka University Confucius Institute, the Inchon University Confucius Institute, and the Medellin Confucius Institute.

During the past 20 years, many teachers of the School of Chinese Studies have had the experience of teaching Chineses abroad. Therefore, we have gradually formed our own way of teaching .i.e. by adopting an accelerated and intensive teaching mode, we try to enable the students to rapidly improve their Chinese communicating ability in a short time. We offer two different orientations----International Economy and Trade and Chinese Culture----to undergraduates of higher grades, so that they can use Chinese language proficiently , obtain some related professional knowledge, and thus lay a solid foundation for their future work.. As the only national HSK test and help them gain a remarkable improvement in a short time period.

Special characteristics of the school:

  1. “one major with two orientations”(Chinese culture and international trade and commerce) is unique in the specialized subject of Chinese.
  2. In long-term classes. There are 12 levels from elementary to advanced.
  3. Short-term classes are offered year-round, with various class types and colorful activities. Short-term courses have been very popular with overseas students. We have cooperated with over ten foreign universities.
  4. The Chinese students from the English, Japanese, German, French, Russian, Korean school live on one campus with the foreign students. All students can help and learn from each other.
  5. An HSK prep-course is offered prior to each HSK exam throughout the year.
  6. Courses and lectures are offered free of charge in Chinese Geography, History, Folk Art, Calligraphy, Painting, Qi Gong, Tai Ji, Boxing, Kung Fu, and Bamboo Flute, to name a few. All aspects that are typically Chinese are included here.
  7. An annual trip within China will provide the students with an opportunity to use their acquired knowledge of the Chinese language and culture.

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